The structure of the disc-shaped carton box of the special-shaped carton packaging

Special-shaped carton packaging has become the mainstream. Now I will introduce the disc-shaped carton paper box. From the structural point of view, it can be divided into the following forms:

One: Folding carton paper box

It is a carton box made of folding and pasting, which has the advantages of small box body area, convenient transportation and inventory, and economy.

  1. Tiandi cover tray carton box: These are two plates made of two pieces of paper: the cover and the tray. This structure has been used since ancient times and is suitable for all commodities.
  2. Swing-lid carton box: This is made of a piece of paper. The structure where the tray and the lid are connected together. It is suitable for the packaging of bulk biscuits, candies, and souvenirs.

Two: Fabricated carton box

This is a carton box made without pasting can be divided into two forms according to its structure: double-layer carton carton and locking carton carton.

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