Tips for corrugated boxes before flexographic printing

  1. Pay attention to the accurate use of colors in manuscript design.
    For the packaging design of corrugated cardboard flexographic printing, in the use of colors, one must create various kinds of works that are elegant, or bold, or warm, or have a strong visual impact; second, the number of colors should be reduced as much as possible. Reduce the number of overprints. The more overprinting times, the more serious the compression strength of corrugated board will decrease.
  2. Pay attention to the application of levels.
    Some of the packaging design styles pursue simplicity and clarity, and some pursue rich levels. Since the flexible version has high elasticity and is easy to deform, the dots will expand more severely after compression. In the process of plate making, 1% or 2% of small dots are easily lost during plate washing. During the printing process, 3% of dots tend to expand to about 10%. It is impossible to achieve a gradual change from 0 to 100% or a very soft level. Effect. Therefore, the gradation area of highlights and shadows that can be displayed by flexographic products is relatively small, and the highlights of better printed products can only reproduce 8% to 10% of the dots.

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